Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I promise this will be a good post.

I just lied. But it was for a good cause, to prove my point. When you hear the word 'I promise I will...' it is almost always followed by a lie. Promises are my pet-peeve, which may seem like a strange statement. Yes, I am well aware that many people have good intentions when making promises, however the whole idea of a 'promise' is inherently based on a lie. Life has no guarantees, we can barely predict what will happen tomorrow/who we will meet in the next few hours/ the weather next week. Therefore, how can we promise we will always be there for a friend /pick up the groceries for our mom /won't make fun of your spouse's figure? How about a promise that doesn't require for you to predict future disasters i.e. 'I promise I will always remember you'. Well sorry to say but even that I don't believe. Even if 40 years down the road you still remember this friend-of-gold, there are chances you are en-route to full blown Alzheimer's and the memory of your friend will have vanished like a snowflake. So much for your promise! Perhaps the general population does not take promises so literally, but I am quite insulted when a promise is made to me. Even if it is a promise that my friend John ' will TRY and fix my TV', well maybe in the next minute John will be hit by a car and will no longer have the opportunity to 'TRY and fix my TV', yet another broken promise. Even though it is possible that most promises are fulfilled, why decorate tasks, thoughts or favours with absolute terms such as 'I give you my word', 'I promise' or 'forever'. For people like me, who take everything literally, it is simply offensive.


Anonymous Shug said...

"I promise I won't make fun of my spouse's figure!" HAHAHA
I guess you're right in a sense but i think people make "promises" to emphasize their intentions... and to some, intentions are everything.

May 29, 2008 at 9:54 AM  

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